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Shinichi Mochizuki

Shinichi Mochizuki (望月 新一) is a mathematician specializing in number theory and has been described as so smart that the mathematical community is finding his work too difficult to proof check. A graduate of Princeton University, where he received his Ph.d at the age of 23, Shinichi Mochizuki created a stir throughout the world when he […]

Yoseikan Budo (養正館武道)

Yoseikan Budo (養正館武道) may be classified as a sogo budo form (lit. “composite” or “comprehensive” martial art), but is used here to indicate a martial art into which various martial ways have been integrated. It is probably most widely known for its connection to a pre-war style of aikido; however, it has important connections to […]

Mochizuki Taiko Mfg. Co.

Mochizuki Taiko opened its doors in 1995 with a vision to introduce an innovative concept taiko (affordable professional quality musical instruments) in America.  Instead of hollowing-out the tree trunks of centries old trees, Mochizuki Taiko’s Nagadou and Shime Daiko uses farm raised American Ash by first cutting into blocks, sawed into exact shape and finally […]

Yuuta Mochizuki

Yuuta Mochizuki (望月祐多) was the second actor to play Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon musicals, among other major roles.

Koga Ryu Ninjutsu

In Japanese history, a ninja (忍者 ) was a warrior specially trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war. These include assassination, illusion, and espionage. The exact origin of the ninja is a matter of debate. It is known that ninja appeared in 14th century Japan and remained active from the Kamakura to the […]


Mochizuki (望月町 Mochizuki-machi) was a town located in Kitasaku District, Nagano, Japan. On April 1, 1961 The town of Asama and the village of Azuma from Kitasaku District merged with the towns of Nozawa and Nakagomi from Minamisaku District to form the (old) city of Saku. On April 1, 2005 The city merged with the […]