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Mochizuki Taiko Mfg. Co.

Mochizuki Taiko opened its doors in 1995 with a vision to introduce an innovative concept taiko (affordable professional quality musical instruments) in America.  Instead of hollowing-out the tree trunks of centries old trees, Mochizuki Taiko’s Nagadou and Shime Daiko uses farm raised American Ash by first cutting into blocks, sawed into exact shape and finally glued under pressure to form into a cylinder.

They began with an extensive research by dissecting each taiko components to reveal its acoustic properties (chemical and physical elements) with the help of engineers and scientific laboratories.  Components were duplicated for trials, followed with rigorous R&Ds to achieve the maximum limits of Neiro (pleasing colorful tone), high energy with sustain, good bounce and feel.

Finally prototype models were completed and distributed to select taiko groups and professional taiko artists for evaluations and critiques.  This pains taking trials and countless modifications took several years – until every minor details were refined to perfection.   Mochizuki Taiko’s product confidence avails an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – not offered by any other taiko makers in the world (see Warranty for details).

Instead of simply duplicating or imitating antiquated Japanese taiko, refinements were made to achieve its maximum limits by incorporating innovative concepts rooted from the Japanese Dento (tradition), Gijutsu (technology), Waza (knowledge & skills) and Bi (beauty), amalgamated with the latest technologies and exotic materials such as: Titanium (Alloy developed by NASA), 17-4 Stainless Steel (very tough alloy used in machinery parts), T-1 Plate Steel (bullet proof plate steel), Low Density Fiberboard (Compressed wood pulp that posses many properties of natural wood), Industrial Grade Epoxy, Industrial Grade Polyurethane Finishes (Paint used on off-shore oil rigs) and Industrial Powder Coating (used on coil springs) – just to name a few.  These innovations are the result of Mochizuki Taiko’s neiro (pleasing colorful tone), durability, low maintenance, light weight and appealing design – finally each taiko is meticulously hand crafted as an object of art.

Today, Mochizuki taiko is used by many taiko groups around the world.  Mochizuki Taiko is also used and endorsed by the Grand Taiko Master: Seiichi Tanaka (Founder of San Francisco Taiko Dojo).   Every Mochizuki Taiko is masterfully hand crafted by Jay Mochizuki to the highest standards: Professional Quality Wadaiko (Japanese drums).

Please visit their website: Mochizuki Taiko

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